Khao Sok National Park

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Even though most of the tourists visit Thailand between December and March, Khao Sok National Park is special all year around. The finest experience of river activities and waterfalls is during the “green season”, from May to October. Within this time, periods of wet and dry weather alternate. For dry and sunny hikes, trekking and flora & fauna exploration, people usually choose the period from November to April.

There are two main activity centers at the Khao Sok National Park: the town of Khao Sok and Cheow Lan Lake’s floating bungalows, 65 km to the east. Range of activities can be organized from the headquarters to suite any type of guest in the National Park- hiking, river activities, elephant treks or relaxation in the hot springs. In addition, Cheow Lan lake’s secrets can be explored on a full day trip or an overnight stay at the floating bungalows.

The remote surroundings of Khao Sok National Park are known to be outstanding for discovering wildlife. This jungle is home to the wild elephants, a number of rare bird species, 5 types of monkeys and gibbons. Our area is unique for having animals native to both the Malayan peninsula and the rest of Southeast Asia. To see the big animals, it is recommended to visit the park between February and May.

Khao Sok Activities and Tours

What to do in Khao Sok? The many Khao Sok tours break down into 4 categories – hiking and trekking, lake trips, local adventures, and Thai culture. To arrange your activities in advance, you can choose one of our Khao Sok Tour Packages. Alternately, you can book your Khao Sok tours after you check in to your room.

We know Khao Sok

Whether you are seeking a peaceful guided canoe trip, a walk through the jungle, or an excursion to Cheow Lan Lake, we can organize all of your Khao Sok tours. With 10 years of experience, we put together the best of what Khao Sok offers. Our passion for exploring lets us recommend the best hikes and the most scenic places to visit. We arrange only the most knowledgeable and responsible guides to take you through the rainforest.

Khao Sok Lake Tours
Khao Sok Hiking and Trekking
Experience Thai Culture
Local Khao Sok Adventures

Khao Sok Lake is the highlight of Khao Sok National Park and one of the most scenic places to visit in all of Thailand.  Coco Hostel arranges a day trip with a visit to a cave, some trekking, time for a swim and lunch at a raft house. You can also opt for an overnight Cheow Lan lake tour on which you will sleep in a floating bungalow. Coco Khao Sok Hostel Cottages has selected the best accommodation on Cheow Lan Lake for you.  Here you will have a better chance of spotting wildlife in the early morning and late afternoon.

Lake Cheow Lan is also referred to as Rajaprabha Dam, and sometimes spelled Chiew Larn. To visit this amazing place, book a room or a tour package.

Khao Sok Lake ToursWith fairy-tale scenery of towering limestone cliffs and over 100 islands jutting skyward, Khao Sok Lake Cheow Lan is one of the most striking places on earth.

Start the day with a drive from Khao Sok to a colorful local market.  Then cruise the lake in a traditional longtail boat. Swim in emerald green water. Choose between kayaking, hiking with a guide, or hanging at the raft houses to relax and swim.

For those looking for unique animal watching opportunities, you can see gibbons and hornbills with greater ease than anywhere else in Thailand.

Duration: 8:30am to about 6:00pm, with lunch and optional 2 hour trek.

Tip: You’ll want your camera to record the scenery, along with money for entrance to the National Park.

Overnight Lake Tour Cheow Lan Khao Sok

The best way to really appreciate the Khao Sok lake is on the overnight tour. You will have plenty of time to take in the beauty and tranquility. Your first day will include everything in the 1-day trip. This will be followed by an evening safari by boat to spot wildlife such as giant hornbills, the Red Bull (wild ox), and Sambar deer. Enjoy a fresh dinner including fish from the lake and other Thai dishes. Spend the night under the stars in your own private floating bungalow.

The next day, go for an early morning safari followed by breakfast at the raft house and time for relaxing, swimming, or kayaking. After a delicious lunch, your journey back to Khao Sok by boat and car will be filled with stunning views of towering limestone cliffs.

Duration: The trip starts at 9:00am on Day 1, and ends at 3:00pm on Day 2 at the hostel.

Tip: Wake up early to watch sunrise over the mist, and don’t forget money for National Park entrance.

Khao Sok trekking and hiking in the National Park is some of the best in Thailand. The rainforest around Khao Sok is home to an abundance of wildlife. You can hike to waterfalls, swimming holes and caves. You might encounter rare plants, including the giant Rafflesia flower. Khao Sok trekking and hiking includes some local hikes that you can do by yourself.  For other jungle treks we can arrange knowledgeable guides. We offer half day and full day Khao Sok trekking and hiking tours and night safaris in the National Park, along with expeditions to the rare Rafflesia flower. Just make a booking, and we’ll handle the rest.

Half Day Jungle Hike

Explore the wondrous jungle here. This trek can be done with a guide or on your own. Request a Khao Sok trekking map at the National Park entrance to find swimming areas more easily! Waterfalls, natural swimming pools and lovely picnic points await you. Take time to examine unusual trees, such as the spikey-leafed Pandanus, and you can catch glimpses of shy leaf monkeys and huge, colorful butterflies. There are several natural pools where you can take a refreshing dip in the Sok River.
Duration: 2-4 hours easy to moderate hiking.

Tip: Don’t forget to bring money for the entrance ticket to the National Park.

Khao Sok Trekking and Hiking Tours

Enjoy a full day of trekking deep into Khao Sok National Park. As you walk along the path, your guide will give you interesting details on the different kinds of bamboo and orchids growing in the park. You can choose from several trekking route, including a cascading waterfall and sacred swimming pools.

Keep your eyes open to see 3 species of monkey, giant hornbills, and even gibbons if you are lucky! Lunch will be delicious fried rice wrapped in a banana leaf.
Duration: 5-8 hours moderate to challenging hiking
Tip: Bring your swimming suit for a dip in the river and money for the entrance ticket to the National Park.

Khao Sok Rafflesia

High on on the forest ridges, the elusive Rafflesia is the largest flower in the world. Here in Khao Sok, Rafflesia blooms periodically from December to March. The plant’s giant red flowers have a diameter of up to 1 meter, and it’s thought to be a parasitic vine, but no one knows for sure. Hike to the ridge to find this rare bloom, which lasts for only a few days in each location.

Duration: 2-4 hours strenuous hiking.
Tip: This hike is for people who can hike up and down steep, hilly terrain.

Khao Sok Night Safari

When darkness falls over Khao, the jungle comes alive. Strap on your headlamp and join our guide for a night safari where you can spot bats swishing through the sky and owls perched in the trees. Be surrounded by the nightly concert of the cicadas and huge grasshoppers. Keep your eye out for the world’s smallest deer, a civet cat, and maybe even a slow loris!
Duration: 1-2 hours walking

Tip: Remember to stay quiet, and keep your light down so the guide can spot the wildlife.

Experience Thailand culture at it’s finest with these three activities. Are you a big fan of local-style Thai cuisine? If so, you can opt for a Thai Jungle-Cooking class with a local family. Alternately, you can pamper yourself with a traditional Thai massage or a visit to the nearby Hot Springs.  Make your dreams come true when you book a room or a tour package.

Experience Thai Culture

Thai Massage is considered among the best in the world, and is an integral part of Thailand culture.

It is a soothing way to unwind in the jungle. Our trained masseuses offer traditional Thai style massage, or a more relaxing oil massage.

Learn more about Thai culture and massage at Wikipedia.

Duration: One hour

Tip: Thai massage offers more long-term benefits, if you can deal with the pain 🙂

Khao Sok Hot Springs

Looking for total relaxation?  The naturally heated water pours from the springs into tiled pools where you can sit and relax.  With a clean, modern style, the hot springs are a popular place for locals, so you get a taste of Thailand culture. The 15 minute drive from our resort includes a stop at a viewpoint with a dramatic vista of the Khao Sok valley.

Duration: 1.5-2 hours

Tip: The hot springs are popular with locals, so respect Thailand culture by wearing shorts and a shirt instead of a bikini.

Visit a local family farm in Khao Sok and experience Thailand culture and food, jungle style! Immerse yourself in the beautiful jungle setting. Learn how to prepare local dishes using bamboo, banana leaves, and fresh herbs from the garden. You can choose whether you want to see how it is done, or go for a full-on cooking lesson. You will make rice in bamboo and the following dishes:
+ Turmeric grilled chicken
+ Tom Kha (coconut milk soup)
+ Green curry or Penang curry

Duration: 2-3 hours

If you are looking for excitement in the jungle, adventures organized by our expert staff provide the perfect start! In addition to canoe trips and river tubing, we also offer elephant bathing – great ways to spend your days around Khao Sok Thailand! All of these tours are available when you book a room or a tour package.

Get up close and personal with elephants – our tours are cruelty-free and elephant friendly! If you are looking for water activities, either a canoe or tubing trip is guaranteed to please!  You will travel down the gentle river surrounded by spectacular mountain scenery.

Khao Sok Canoeing

This is a classic Khao Sok Thailand adventure where you hop into a canoe and explore the river with a local guide.  Since your guide will paddle the boat, you can relax while he points out the wildlife you will encounter on the way.  As a result, you can see monkeys playing in the trees, brightly colored kingfishers, and snakes snoozing in the trees above.

During your journey down the river you will stop on the banks for a coffee break and a swim in the cool water. Continuing, you can soak up stunning views of the limestone cliffs and forested riverbanks.  Finally, you will stop at a fish conservation pond, where you will have the chance to explore a small cave on your own.

Duration: About one and one-half hours in the canoe, and fifteen minutes drive each way.

Tip: You will only get wet if you want to, yet it is a good idea to bring a plastic bag to store electronics during the rainy season.

When the river is high enough, river tubing is a favorite Khao Sok Thailand adventure!  Hop on a rubber tube at the ridge and ride the water. Since river tubing requires strong currents, guides will accompany you to make sure your ride is both fun AND safe!  You will find some areas where the water moves faster and you can rock and roll down the rapids.  At these points, your guide will point the way for you and make sure you avoid obstacles.

In the calmer parts of the river they can point out monkeys, birds, and snakes sleeping in the trees.  As a result, you can enjoy the clear, cool water, and let others do the work!  For those who think they are too old for this kind of stuff, don’t be silly: be a kid again and tube the river!

Duration: 1-2 hours, depending on the speed of the river.

Tip: Because this trip encounters deep water and strong currents, it is recommended for people who are comfortable swimming.

Elephant Retirement at Khao Sok Thailand

We do not offer elephant rides, but never fear, we have developed 2 truly delightful elephant-friendly experiences.

Elephant Retirement Experience – help Somboon the elephant retire from a life of hard work. Visit Somboon at a family farm, and learn what it’s like to own an elephant. This is a unique opportunity to feed, bathe, and care for one of nature’s most amazing creatures.

Elephant Bathing – if you want to spend a shorter amount of time with these gentle giants, this is a chance to see elephants at their most playful – watch out for splashing!

Duration: Retirement Experience – about 2 hours with the elephant, and 20 minutes drive each way. Bathing – about 45 minutes with the elephant, and 15 minutes drive each way.

Tip: both tours include a bathing activity, so bring a change of clothes and a towel!